What was that Chapter, again?



Last night, I finished reading a self-help book to get out of this weird funk I’ve been in for the past couple of months and I’m seriously considering giving it a 2nd read. It spoke to me! But, I’m supposed to let one of my best friends borrow it soon so I’d have to rush it. The thing is that I haven’t given the immediate double-take on a book before so I’m not sure if I’m just super hyped up about it or I really mean to read it and absorb it in a different light; but it reminded me of that phrase that goes:


“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”


It gets me thinking; should we always move on to the next thing on our lives without re-visiting the past? Are we guaranteed to be wasting time doing so? And, if I don’t go back once in a while, does it mean I don’t really believe in second chances (metaphorically)? But if I do believe in them, then am I weak? I could look for different meanings to the lines I read over and over again…but should I just take them for what they literally say, not complicate this more, and just move on to another book (or whatever other thing that’s happening in your life)?


You can tell I ask myself A LOT of questions…

Sure, going back might be a waste of time (I mean, what if I don’t understand it in a ‘different light’) but then it might not be (but what if I do!?) and I guess that point of view helps me understand that neither course we take is right nor wrong! Not all situations are the same so the decision to move forward or take a peek backwards will always vary.


And if anyone else agrees, this would feel like a weight off my shoulders; To know that if I choose to take a step back, I’m not completely out of my mind. Or likewise, that if I choose to skip ahead, then I’m not completely arrogant of my past! Yet, I know that the decision comes from within…from the little voice inside us telling us where to go, what to do, when to speak…I figure I’ll always need to sleep on it to take action determining if some things need a bit more analysis or if they truly ran their course out of my life.

Ha! Remember these thoughts just came from choosing to re-read a book or not; imagine what it’s like with the other thousand of different items in life!

Sigh, to the meditation phase we go 🙂


Good day! xx



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