“If Not Now, Then When?”

That has been the everyday breakfast question, and the lunch question…and the dinner question. If not now…then when? When do you take the chance to change? When do you take the risk to grow?

The RIGHT time is ‘ALWAYS’, because let’s face it: who’s ever ready for anything? There’s only so much thinking you can do over and over until you reach the point where you decide to not take that step and then what? You just simply deprive yourself of your own rewards? All that mental work for nothing!

And so to myself I ask, “if not now, then when?” and I have to remind myself, day in and day out, that no one else will push me and that some others may only hold my hand for a minute. And from then on it’s all my doing. It’s me taking the chance to change; taking the risk to grow.

This is my catalyst; “If not now, then when?”


Sara S.

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