Full of Stars

It’s a cozy-kind-of-night and I couldn’t love it more. I’ve been continuously on the go for the past few weekends (and the workweek has not been any easier) that I’m now truly enjoying a quiet night in.

This past Friday night, I went camping; it was an invitation from a good friend of mine and, as expected, I had a great, relaxing time. Despite my constant nature mini-adventures, it had honestly been years since the last time I spent the night outdoors sleeping in a tent! Given the heat we are just in here in California, the camping trip came at the best time. The night fell softly with a cool breeze and a sky full of stars that you just couldn’t ignore.

I decided, just a bit before prepping for bed, that I’d walk with a friend to the river to check out the view of the sky away from the obstructing trees at the campsite. And, okay, I’ve seen this same view only a handful of times: Lake Tahoe, Arizona, Joshua Tree Nat’ Park, Utah– but every single time it is just GORGEOUS; I’m always left in awe. As I’m staring up, I lay down for a bit just near the river…I could hear in the distance people chatting and enjoying a splash in the dark; it’s a funny combination of grown-up talk and children’s laughter, and their flashlights lighting up several spots. A few minutes go by, I’m getting comfortable…I’m still looking up.

We are so freaking small.

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic at this point and I start thinking about my future endeavors. You see, I tend to forget that I’m not alone and that my struggles (and nerves) are NOT what define me. I laid there thinking “we are so, so, so small” and then some realistic feeling settled in me that made me frantically sit up in an instant. I look around and everyone is gone now, except for my friend who is laying down next to me, and the darkness had only intensified making that sky full of stars even more unbelievable! Everything just sounded so still and if I can be plainly honest, it made me a bit uncomfortable. A few minutes later we agreed to return to the campsite.

Looking back I’d like to think of that moment as the realization that I can never be too comfortable in one spot. I mean, maybe I truly was just scared of the dark (lol) but I will stick to my interpretations 😉 I guess I just want to add that this little instance made me think that although I advocate for taking enough time to see and experience things, I know deep down that life moves on and it doesn’t wait for anybody. In a few hours, the sky will brighten up and it will all be clear again. It’s the realization that the future days we only think about will eventually come and things will have to be done– Bridges will need to be crossed. And also, my goodness, we are just so small in this world!!! I admit I get a bit uncomfortable acknowledging that fact but the upside is that, personally, it drives me to appreciate my days and nights and people a tiny fraction more than yesterday! Yay, for positive outcomes!

But seriously, why are we so small? 🙂





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