New Adventures, New Challenges

Hey readers!

I’ve been meaning to work on this post for a couple of days now but it has been quite a few weeks. I’m noticing that I have a pattern going on with this blog in which I seem to be writing once every quarter! I think I like this plan and will try to stick to it! After all, I already share far more intimate moments of my daily life on my Instagram page.

So, today’s title is quite true. I moved to Madrid this past September to begin a different chapter of my life. Sure thing that this move is not permanent but it means so much to me because it’s a childhood-dream come true. I didn’t think I’d actually be able to say this but: I am living in Spain!

But as with any other new things, there are also new challenges, of course. The main one has been that I am still trying to adjust to the weather conditions. When I first stepped into the Madrid airport, my nose felt something…Well, little did I know that I’d be battling constant dry nose irritation and a bit of sickness.

Thankfully, however, it hasn’t been too bad to the point that I need to be bedridden and KNOCK ON WOOD that it doesn’t get to that point. I’m learning to take care of myself just as much as I learnt while I lived on my own in the U.S.

Then, there were and still are other challenges such as getting an apartment, finding a good phone plan, connecting to wifi service, opening a bank account, getting used to the 9-hour difference with California. Let’s just say most of those have been checked off the list. Some have not…*ehem* bank account *cough*.

Anyway, why did I decided on doing this? Wasn’t my job good enough? Or, well-paid? Or, did I have bad coworkers or bosses? No. I think I had everything that would sum up to a good life (at least that’s what I was told); a healthy career, income, health insurance, retirements benefits even though I’m still about 40 years away from it. But, I wanted to do this. The opportunity came out of the blue one cold night in 2017 when I happened to run into an old acquaintance that had mentioned they were flying out the next morning to do this same thing. It inspired me. He told me he would be teaching English at a primary school in Madrid and my head went off:

  • Teaching English to kids? Check!
  • Living in Madrid? Check!
  • Being in Europe so I can take advantage to travel a bit? Check!


And, so, here I am.

I am very thankful for the opportunities I get along the way, and for the ones that I get to be able to take on. It’s crazy when I say it but I truly believe the past 2 years were preparing me for this trip financially, emotionally and spiritually.

For example, back in early 2017, I made two goals: 1) that I’d pay off a lot (not all of it) of debt from my school loans; and 2) that I would also save some good money for a new car.  I was able to reach both of those goals by the end of December; the first one now allows me to not have to make payments while I’m living in Spain, and the second one, well, that never even happened. I never got a new car. I tried! But, my path in life told me I wasn’t ready for that car (background story: I had the worst time at the dealership with a rude manager so I left disappointed and humiliated and decided that the experience was just not for me) and good thing, because now I don’t have to worry about making monthly payments for it. Or, burdening someone else with that. On top of it, the money I had saved for it, I am able to use it so supplement my current income.

In the end, it has all been part of a bigger sign. One thing led to to another and I had no idea that it would all come together while taking this trip. It sort of makes sense to pay off a lot of money off your loans so that you don’t pay too much in interest but it also doesn’t make sense since I could have just stuck to the 10-year payback period that I had originally agreed to. But now, it all makes perfect sense. It wasn’t about paying off the loans or about getting the new car, it was about allowing myself the opportunity to be able to invest in a different aspect in my life! If I didn’t believe in signs before, now I certainly do 🙂 .

As for my emotional and spiritual progress, that is a story for another post. I continue to grow on these ones so I will never run out of things to say about them!

‘Til the next one, my loves.





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