Happy New Adventures

Hey there!

Today marks an important day of my life as it simply is the day I’m choosing to be MORE. To be more challenging with myself, more loving, more giving, more curious. I started this blog site a while ago but I stopped posting often because I found myself in a hole trying to figure out what to write about! The site was really the result of a sad moment I went through in my life but I think it’s time for me to say “enough of that!”.

In September of last year, I made a move that I had been dreaming of for a while. And, by “dreaming” I really mean DREAMING. I was working the 9-5 and felt suckered in the world of needing to have money to feel successful. I liked my job and the life I had made for myself but I think sometimes we long for growth and evolution. But given that I was “set” on my life, I think the thought of accomplishing the move seemed so unattainable. After a while, I ended up placing it so far back at the end of my head that it literally became a bit of a day-dream.

Well, it’s been 4 months now and I am just barely beginning to convince myself that this is my real life! Living in Madrid has been an amazing experience because it has opened the doors to cultural knowledge and even more travel! I’ve had to be strategic, of course, because I didn’t come with enough money to do so without a job and even with the job, the money isn’t free-flowing. But I’ve just got to keep a positive attitude and open mind that I can work this out!

So, this is me declaring myself. I want to make a change to post more on this site because I truly feel I have so much to say and to share. I am longing for ways to improve myself because after all, the only competition that truly matters is that one between us and who we happened to be yesterday!



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