Infinite Chances


Would you look at that! February is ending on a whim.

Which leads me to ask the question, how are the New Year’s resolutions going? For many people, these are irrelevant but for me they have proved to be like Present-Me opening the door to Future-Me for those free and infinity chances to be better every year. I have constantly heard that we must do something everyday to improve ourselves but I personally experienced that progress does not necessarily come from the “everyday.” It comes from the planning, strategizing, and willingness to advance– And most importantly, that it comes from within.

Well, I have always struggled with starting, improving, and finishing tasks that I put myself up to do. Whether in writing, or practicing photo-editing, I always stalled at some point and it discouraged me from keeping it up. Then, I realized it was because I was trying to do too much in so little time. Even to this day, I sometimes become obsessed with forcing myself to write a short entry or frustrated with myself for another failed attempt at editing a photo to “professional standards” (which I couldn’t possibly get yet because I’m still an amateur…)

And, unfortunately, that really stopped me. How could other people do it but not me?

It took a year or so to begin understanding that I am just one of those people that need to take their time to let things happen; that things will come when they are ready. But that I shouldn’t fully stop. I should only scale back the tasks, or break them down into feasible timelines FOR ME. If this means starting with very baby steps, then so be it. I want to write, but if I only feel like saying something once a month, then so be it. I want to grow within the photography field, but if I’m not feeling inspired every week, then that’s okay too. These are my resolutions, anyways. I should cater them to myself instead of what I think others are expecting from me.

And well, it has worked. My 100in10 photo challenge is almost halfway on its way and I have definitely seen improvement. I am proud of what I’ve learned so far! As for my writing, well I’m still working on that one! But, hey, here’s to my second post of the year!

Baby steps for win 🙂

Much love,


 (PS. Check out my page at @sarabearr_ to see the 100in10s — 100 processed/posted photos in 10 months. I am at No. 46 now!)

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