April left me in a blink!


Whoops, I forgot to post my monthly update last month.

But all is well! I forgive myself for letting it slip my mind and for not getting to it sooner! I’ve learned that mistakes happen and as much as I like to keep my schedule on time, sometimes I truly forget details here and there.

And, that’s OKAY!


When I was little, I used to be (what I think I was) a perfectionist. I strived to get great grades in all my classes and tried to be the best student I could be. Think: a teacher’s dream; I wouldn’t cause trouble and I would ask questions when I needed to. Outside of school, I was heavily involved in Ballet so my discipline was off-the-charts. Ballet just made me want to pursue a ‘perfectionist’ attitude even more. Consequently, I felt confident.

…Until the 10th grade when I failed a class. Freakin’ World History, man.

I felt afraid that I had let someone down (because everyone seemed to be enthusiastic about me being good academically and artistically) and I wasn’t sure how I’d face this problem. I didn’t really know how to feel for myself until I hesitantly confessed to my parents and we had a positive chat. In the end, the renewal process was less than complicated: Take Summer School and pass the class. And, I did!

Then, in my 2nd year of college, I failed a class again.

Two F’s in my life…you can imagine my bit of despair. The latter taught me a whole different lesson, though, because I knew that the class could be taken again and a new grade would appear but this one made me QUESTION my ability to pursue the career I wanted. It was a very hard moment for me to share with my parents, and later on, with my friends. I wasn’t meant to be the ‘perfectionist’ I thought I had been all along…

But little did I know, that this was the best turning point. Because of that bad grade from college, I became more realistic about my abilities. Sure, I failed the class but it didn’t stop me from completing my degree and becoming a team player at my previous jobs. And, sure, I failed World History, but it clearly hasn’t blocked me from appreciating and learning about historical places that I’ve seen thus far. And guess what else? Still confident!

For that, I’m thankful. I’m happy that I did not pass those classes on the first-go for teaching me about mistakes and learning to move on and that I was able to recognize that they are not my final definition. Since then, I’ve seen all kinds of failures (academic, professional, relationships, money, projects, you name it…) as catalysts or signs that they will come back to us in a positive manner. And, maybe even become our favorite past-times or full-time jobs! Maybe in another life, eh.

But, hey, what if it’s on this one…!? 🙂



(PS. If that were my case, I would be an international tour guide where Pitbull would call me Ms. Worldwide, ha. One can dream!)


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