Hi there!

I’m Sara, a California-resident currently living in Madrid with a love for nature and architecture! I originally created this site when I lived in the Central Valley in California where I found myself hiking quite often because it provided me peace of mind every time I did it (hence the name of this site…) however, I’m currently living in a city in Europe with the intention to travel to other countries as much as I can.

A little about me: I love taking photos. I am trying to upgrade my photography skills (check my instagram at @sarabearr_ ) and I also want to be able to share my insights once in a while. I tend to think too much sometimes so I figured writing can help me sort that stuff out! A change never did anyone wrong, right? 🙂 That being said, it has been a dream of mine to start and upkeep a blog and I’m very happy you’ve found your way here!

I’m not a professional blogger/photographer, by any means, so this is all in its very baby stages and I will only ask that you please bear with me! I will continue to work on it and just know that I’m very grateful for any and all feedback I get on my posts– whether be here or on Instagram.

It means so much to me and drives me to seek out opportunities to share more of my world in hopes that it will serve you, as much as it does to me, as an inspirational medium to live life humbly and lovingly every day.

Wishing you all nothing but good vibes!